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"Ultra Search files, finding files fast help is a powerful search"
indir.biz Editor: Ultra File Search, quickly finding files, folders and a powerful search text that help the local network, DVD, CD-ROM, USB hard or flash drives. Ultra Search files at the same time many file masks and multiple drivers and / or Folders allows you to specify the files and folders to sort out features (such as Date Modified) and one or more specific words locate the files can be made according to, or sentences. Search results by column at the time (up, down or both) can be placed. Results window (icons, context menus), for example, supports the functionality of Windows ® Explorer. Results of certain actions (Folder Open, Open Containing Folder for example May), plus a variety of formats (plain TXT, tabbed TXT, CSV, HTML, XML).
Does not use background indexing of this program may be carried out and does not waste system resources does not use extra space on the disk. Ultra Search files of any Spyware, Adware, or contain viruses and Free for personal use!

Key Features
Easy user-friendly interface.
Files or Folders Search for Files and Folders or just.
You can search on the basis of several files at the same time the masks.
multiple drivers and / or folders at the same time are able to search within.
Search for files containing one or more words or phrases are. <Br> Filter file for lower Newer or older, or within a specific date range.
Great for small or smaller filter files or a specific size range.
results can be made according to the column at the time: up, down or both.
results of certain actions (Open Folder, Open Folder Contents), for example on the portable.
results in various formats (plain TXT, tabbed TXT, CSV, HTML, XML can be exported)
between files and folders as Time, Objects, Speed. were controlled displays search statistics
No Spyware, Adware or Viruses helpful and free for personal use! Now you can download free Ultra Portable Document Search.

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